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Lookmatic Eyewear offers a variety of stylish, affordable, durable eyewear made just for YOU!

  • Shipping

    All orders ship between 3-5 days. Note: Lookmatic prioritizes creating the perfect frame and all shipping times are estimated for completed orders.

  • Lens Types

    Single vision, progressive, transition... You need it, we make it!

  • Lens Materials

    All Lookmatic Eyewear is made with durable polycarbonate lenses. Take your eyewear to the next level by upgrading your lens with blue light filter, transition lens, or premium anti-reflective.

An Approach to Eyewear as Unique as You Are.

You know your style better than anyone else, so why buy eyewear designed for someone else?

We believe that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good but it all starts by looking good. Lookmatic's trendy, fully-customizable and sensibly priced eyewear lets you look your best and inspires you to do more good. 

Lookmatic is your exclusive source for fully customized, fashion-forward prescription eyewear with styles starting at $9.99 We make it easy to find the perfect combination of styles, colors and features that take prescription eyewear from overpriced necessity to affordable, must-have accessory.

Pick your frames from the dozens of updated classics and exclusive designer collaborations only found here. With a few clicks, you can customize them until they're perfectly yours. Try them on virtually to see how styles and colors look in real time with any computer with a camera. With limitless combinations and multiple ways to try on your new looks, you'll see yourself in Lookmatic.


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